Drama has always surrounded the human race. It is perhaps the result of our inquisitive minds which always probe and conquer new limits, limits that present change, danger and conflict. This has made philosophers and thinkers of all times consider human kind to be in a sort of a continuous crises, be that social, economical or medical in nature, making the existential discussion always an actual one. Besides the fact that, throughout history, it enjoyed a central position in all these discussions, the realization of our own mortality, was also arguably one of the crucial step in the birth of the consciousness in our species. Consciousness which later grew to bring all that understanding that we have about us and the things around us. But lately, the human race has come to a brand new realization: that all sorts of things die in nature; stars, planets, entire species, including our own and this insight can really change the terms of the game.

Death, is a scary final event in an individuals path, but society, by way it was built, offers some level of comfort by remembering that which was exceptional. It’s not a guarantee, but it does offer a route to escape oblivion and the need to walk this route makes us better. It makes us, the individuals, thrive to do the right thing, things that bring considerable value to this Eternal, human kind.

But along with the realization of the transience of society itself, this comfort was taken away: who will remember Us, as a species?… To all those aware ones, society does not any more present that escape from oblivion. This knowledge, will make this New Mortal, human kind as a whole, thrive to do the right thing relative to something superior the same way and with the same scope as we, individuals, do it in relation to It. I think this will bring us to a critical point, one that is equal in magnitude with the separation of our lineage from all other, less conscious, species and that it will bring the human race to a new level of understanding by sparking the raise of some collective consciousness of the human kind as a whole, a super-organism that will ultimately be composed by billions of people.

In this blog, I will be discussing, from my perspective, aspects of this brith process, paths that we need to take, habits that we need to shed, to come out at the end as a cohesive society and to finally earn the long standing title that is affixed to our species taxonomy: “sapiens”. I will be taking cases and situations to extremes. I like extremes, they are interesting, they teach me about the limits and like every engineer, I understand the importance probe these extremes, because every now and then, we will be faced with them. Some of these limits may seem radical, harsh, maybe even distasteful, but the questions need to be asked … and they need to be answered. I welcome you to join me in my quest by following this blog and sending me your opinion as comments.